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Himalayan Tibetan Mastiffs
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Typically Tibetan Mastiff females cycle only once a year, in the late fall and early winter. We will usually have one to two litters per year. If we do not have a puppy for you at this time, please fill out the questionaire below, and we will contact you on how to reserve a puppy from our next litter.

Mastiff Puppy Questionaire

We focus on breeding healthy dogs with true Tibetan temperament. All of our breeding animals are completely health tested and certified by the Orthopaedic Foundation of America. It is our goal to produce dogs of superior quality. All of our dogs are AKC Registered as well.
While Tibetan Mastiff puppies are surely appealing, they do grow up and can create havoc in homes that are not prepared for the adult dog. If you are seeking more information or think you may want to reserve a puppy, please fill out and submit the questionnaire below.

Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Questionaire






Are you interested in Male or Female?  

If you do not have a pet at the present time, what happened to your last one?  

Why do you want a TM?  

Do you want one as a companion or for show/breeding purposes or a combination of both?  

Do you want a TM for any type of specialized work, i.e., search and rescue, therapy Work, service dog? If so, please list which type of work.  

Do you own or rent?  

Does your yard have a fence?   If so, specify what material and how high.  

Do you have other pets?  If so, specify what kind and approximate ages.  

Please list the name, address and phone number for your vet:  

All of our dogs/puppies are sold on a return policy whereas at anytime during your dogs' life you can no longer keep him/her,
they must be returned back to us. You cannot rehome, sell or place in rescue.
Is this something you would agree to?