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TIBETAN MASTIFF puppies for sale


Welcome to Rysher Farms' Tibetan Mastiff! We are a small, hobby breeder of gorgeous, show quality Tibetan Mastiff for the most discriminating families. We raised and showed German Shepherd Dogs for over 32 years. In making the decision to move our interests to the wonderful TM, we researched for over 15 years before we purchased our first one. This is a superb breed that, although is not for every one, is the ultimate in home and family guardians. They require an owner that is gentle, yet assertive in nature and, in the right home, will be the best friend you have ever had. So you have decided you want a Tibetan Mastiff? Ask yourself...have you done your research? Do you have the time it takes to socialize and train a puppy at this time in your life? Do you have adequate housing, for not only a puppy, but a full grown Tibetan? Are your fences high and strong enough to handle a full grown TM that may be asserting himself against strangers? Do you have the finances to adequately feed a very large dog? Although Tms as a breed are wonderful with children, if you have children, your puppy should be trained to be respectful of children. Do you have the time to do that? Once you have reviewed these basic questions in your mind and have decided that it is time to add a beautiful puppy to your family, please Contact Us. Unlike other breeds, Tibetan Mastiff only 'cycle' once a year and the Tms breeding season is in the late fall/early winter only, so it may be virtually impossible to obtain a Tibetan puppy in the middle of the summer. Most puppies are available mid/late winter to early/late spring, and not again until next year. As many of our puppies are spoken for before the litter is even bred, and we do not have a puppy available for you, we highly suggest placing a deposit on the fall/winter breedings so as to assure you a baby. Please see our Puppies Page, fill out the short Questionaire and email to us. We will contact you back as soon as possible.

We focus on breeding healthy dogs with true Tibetan temperament. All of our breeding animals are completely health tested and certified by the Orthopaedic Foundation of Amereica. It is our goal to produce dogs of superior quality with true Tibetan temperament. All of our dogs are AKC Registered as well.

We are centrally located in the midwest, in Illinois. As most of our babies go to homes far away from us, we do ship via St. Louis, Bloomington, Il, and Chicago. We also use the services of a wonderful ground shipper who picks up our babies personally from us and will deliver them to your doorstep! It is our goal, if we have to put one of our babies on an airplane, that we search for the most direct flight possible, so as to eliminate unnecessary stress from changing planes.

Our beautiful new girl, Stones Valentine of Rysher, aka TeAmo winning best of breed and working group 3 for her first 4-6 mo. show!